Helen Jones
Visual Artist


I am viewing your art with my artist friend Lynda We are having a wonderful time with viewing your amazing art. Evokes curiosity of the movement of the human body into a story. Amazing techniques you have developed. Hopefully one day I can view the paintings in person. Last winter I read the biography of Emily Carr and her short stories most of which had never been published before. It certainly is a process, I did not realize she studied in France. Artist have a special place in our world.
Lynne Gaster - 27 Oct 2023
Hey Helen! I wanted to let you know how much I love your artwork. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the CGOS website and see you are one of the artists featured which led me to your website. Your work if so beautiful and you are so talented. You’ve really inspired me. Hope to see you and your artwork in real life one day. Take care! Adriana
Adriana Rinaldi - 23 Aug 2021
Helen you never fail to amaze me with your many talents! Wonderful paintings. Hope our paths cross again someday. Cheers Susan
Susan Ellis - 29 Jun 2017
Hi Helen: It is a delight to see the range in your work. Such engaging and beautiful pieces. Very well done. Thanks for sharing. Your web site is easy to navigate. All the best, Sarah
Sarah Rochon - 17 Oct 2013
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