Helen Jones
Visual Artist

Helen Jones




Thank you for visiting my website.  I began my artistic journey learning to draw and paint portraits and the figure in a classical style.  My realistic paintings were done in oil and  developed by building many thin layers of transparent and translucent paint.


I now work more abstractly using mixed media and acrylics because I enjoy the versatility of the medium.  I continue to use many layers of paint to build the surface and create depth with interplays of colour and opacity.  I often add surface texture with mediums and collaged pieces for added dimension and flow to my work.  My landscapes evolve from places I have seen and responded to.  My figurative and still life work is developed from life or my imagination.  


Once I am lost in the development of a painting, the process of working through to the finish with it's surprises and frustrations along the way is my motivation and enjoyment.


My work has been shown in numerous juried and group shows.  I continuously explore new ideas and techniques through workshops and classes at Neilson Park Creative Centre in Toronto, Haliburton School of the Arts and Ontario College of Art and Design.